Vanda Consulting - Introduction

Vanda Consulting
Information Processing & Management


The purpose of the company is to deliver high quality services in information processing and management to small and large enterprises, based on the knowledge and experience of the owner. Vanda Consulting stands for objectivity and independence, and for a creative and results-oriented combination of thinking and acting.

The name of the company refers to the most exclusive and sole blue orchids: the vandas. This is more than just coincidence.

Orchids are said to be difficult to grow. Still, an orchid grows and flowers by itself, if only the grower creates the right environment in terms of humidity, light and temperature. Companies are not different. If management creates the right environment, the employees will flourish, and the company will grow and flower by itself.

Click here for a watercolour of a Vanda coerulea (19k jpeg) or a picture of an Oncidium papilio (14k jpeg).

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