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Conversion of RPG to Java, Project Management
ABVV, Brussels, 2011-12

The RPG legacy software of the ABVV/FGTB needed a thorough revision, plus rewriting in Java. Vanda Consulting did the feasibility study and managed, together with a specialized Java software house (ACA-IT from Hasselt) the development of a proof of concept.

Management of Artists Neighbouring Rights
Playright, Brussels, 2009-2011

Playright (before Uradex) manages the neighbouring rights of the Belgian artists. Their IT was a mess. Vanda Consulting succeeded in bringing things back to order, using a tailor-made software application developed with Magister in record time. The major problem was the distribution of the data over five different and inconsistent data bases.

Implementation of SAP/HR, Project Management
Arcelor-Mittal, Liège-Charleroi, 2008

In 1997-2000 Vanda Consulting had implemented SAP/HR at Sidmar’s, by now a subsidiary of Arcelor-Mittal. It was asked to do the same thing for the Walloon subsidiaries of the steel giant. After a successful start, unfortunately, the project was halted by the emerging economical crisis.

Application Management for an Energy Supplier
Delta Energy, Middelburg (NL), 2006-08

The job was to manage an application portfolio for the distribution and invoicing of gas and electricity to the industrial customers of Delta Energy (The Netherlands): change requests, definition of functional extensions and assitance to the end users.

Project NICO, Crisis Management
Belgonucléaire, Kontich (Antwerp), 2005-06

The NICO project was about the administrative automation of a part of the Flemish Ministry of Education. A daughter company of the Cronos group had accepted the mission, but was unapt to the new technology of an object-oriented web application. With the help of Vanda Consulting, especially for improving the internal and external communication, the project could be brought more or less back to normal.

RKW, Finishing a Java Project
Xplore, Kontich (Antwerp), 2004

Xplore had developed a new Java application for the Federal Department of Child Allocations. The application handled the messaging with several central government databases. The final commissioning of the software was impeded by endless discussions about quality, user-friendliness, and whether certain changes were free of charge or not. Within a few months Vanda Consulting succeeded in finishing the project completely, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Key User Support on an SAP/MM project
Belgonucléaire, Dessel (Belgium), 2003-2004

An SAP/MM project (including QM and PM modules) in the Quality Department of this nuclear plant was stalled. The reason: key users not having enough time to do their day-to-day jobs and to help with the quality reviews, the training and the acceptance tests of the new system. By taking over their role in the project, Vanda Consulting could bring the project to its end, in a joint effort with the users, the developers and the line managers.

Nuclear Material Accounting, Definition Study
Belgonucléaire, Dessel (Belgium), 2003

Two important software applications, the nuclear material accounting and the criticality monitoring, were still running on an old HP-1000 computer. Vanda Consulting made an extensive analysis of the situation, finding in the same time numerous inefficiencies in the IT processes. A plan was made to remedy all this, based on the use of a modern relational database system and tailor-made software. (The applications were too specific for standard software packages.)

Software for the Social Elections
HDP, Drongen (Belgium), 2003

Among the various personnel, payroll and social security services that HDP offers to its customers is the organisation every four years of the Social Elections. Each time again it was quite a chore, by lack of adequate software for the follow-up of the workflow and for the generation of the tens of different documents in two languages. Using Magister, a new and almost revolutionary application generator, Vanda Consulting was able to develop such software in record time and at a very low cost.

Services Department, Interim en Change Management
Selligent, Gosselies, 2002

Selligent is a leading Belgian manufacturer of customer relationship management (CRM) software. In these days its Services department faced various organisation problems. During about six months Vanda Consulting then managed that department, and could transform it into a well-oiled and profitable business. In the same time one of the consultants of that department was prepared to take over the management, which he did successfully.

Methodology Courses
Dexia, Brussels, 2001-2003

Dexia is the result of the merger of Crédit Communal (Gemeentekrediet), Bacob and Artesia, three large Belgian banks. The merger required a massive IT integration project, for which Dexia and IBM had designed a development methodology, based on Merise and the P-Methodology of DMR (a Canadian group). Vanda Consulting was charged with the teaching of the related courses. Because of his rich and broad experience the instructor was able to deliver the sometimes quite boring matter in an interesting and attractive way.

Beltrace Project Audit
ACSA-CDV, Brussels, 2001

Beltrace is a joint project of the Belgian government and the meat sector. Its final aim is to be able to trace all meat products, from the birth of the animal to the plate of the consumer. The project is lead by ACSA-CDV, a provider of IT services to government institutions. But the project didn't advance well. An audit executed by Vanda Consulting found the cause: incompetence of one of the parties involved. Based on the findings, ACSA-CDV reorganised the project, after which it is proceeding according to plan.

Telecom Audit for the Belgian Federal Government
Intrasoft, Brussels, 2001

The purpose of the Telecom Audit for the Belgian Federal Government was to make an inventory of the current telecom situation both for voice and data, to identify potential savings, and to indicate future directions. Unfortunately, after a few months the original project leader had quit. Vanda Consulting has taken over his job and has managed the project to its completion.

Audit of an Automation Project
Sabena, Brussels, 2000-2001

An SAP/MM project at Sabena was not progressing according to plan. The reasons for this were analysed, and corrective measures were proposed and executed. With the support of Vanda Consulting things went much better.

Implementation of SAP/HR
Sidmar, Ghent, 1997-2000

Sidmar wanted to replace its old HR master data, time registration and payroll programs. SAP was selected as the most appropriate package for the purpose. The implementation was realized with Softguide (now CMG), Antwerp, as the logo-partner. Vanda Consulting did the feasibility study, advised for the package and logo-partner selection, and managed the implementation.

Automation of a Steel Mill, Study
Belgo-Mineira, Monlevade, Brazil, 1997

For a Brazilian subsidiary of Arbed (the group that also owns Sidmar, now Arcelor) the feasibility of automating their steel mill was studied. In particular it was verified in how far the Sidmar software could be used. The answer turned out to be positive, and Sidmar has in the meantime successfully installed an adjusted version of its software in the Monlevade plant.

Saving an Almost Failed Project
Compex, Ninove (Belgium), 1996

Compex produces software for the food industry. It had given out an important development to an Indian software house. At the delivery date only one fourth of the work was done, and it was of very poor quality. Vanda Consulting was called in. As a first measure the project was reduced to what the customers really and urgently wanted. In the same time the development in India was stopped, but the three best programmers were called to Belgium for a few months. About half a year later Compex was able to show the latest version of its flagship package to its customers.

Unemployment Pay, Project Management
ABVV/FGTB, Brussels, 1994-96

ABVV/FGTB is a major Belgian trade union. One of their tasks is the calculation of unemployment pay, which they had outsourced to IBM for years. The outsourcing contract ended 1995, and ABVV/FGTB wanted by then the calculation to be done in-house, on an AS/400 network to be installed. The feasibility study of a well-known software house was not realistic, and was reviewed by Vanda Consulting. Vanda Consulting set up and managed a cooperation between ABVV/FGTB, IBM and a local software house. The required system was produced exactly on time and within budget.

Development of a Document Management System
BnS engineering, Zelzate (Belgium), 1994

To retain a recently acquired ISO-9000 certificate, BnS needed an automated document management system. Vanda Consulting did the whole project, from the feasibility study up to the installation and the training. The system was developed with Microsoft Access 2.0, and installed on a PC network.

Preparation of Request for Proposal
Transnubel (Belgonucléaire), Dessel (Belgium), 1994

A few years earlier, the automation of part of their administration had yielded poor results. To avoid a recurrence, this time Transnubel asked Vanda Consulting to help them in preparing a request for proposal (for a document management system, including new hardware) and to guide the implementation based on a Novell network of PC's.

Crisis Management of a Derailed Project
De Maertelaere & Co, Ghent, 1993-94

An acute crisis because of a failed IT project was averted by attacking the heart of the problem: the failing communication between all parties involved. Next came the purchase of a more powerful AS/400 model, whereby a professional approach (performance study, using second-hand brokers) led to savings of a few million BEF. The restructuring of the MIS department closed the gap between the users and the developers. Vanda Consulting has temporarily taken over the management of the MIS department on a one-day-a-week basis.

Audit of the MIS Department
Mister Minit of Australia, Sydney, 1993

The complete information processing function of the company was reviewed: the hardware, the system software and the applications. In all aspects, a significant lack of coherence was found. Three recommendations were subsequently made: to hire a full-time MIS manager, to connect the stand-alone PC's to a central server, RS/6000 or AS/400, and to take over most of the application software of Mister Minit Belgium.

EPOS Project Coordination
Minit Colors, Paris, 1992-93

Specification and installation of Omron EPOS cash registers in the 70-odd shops of Minit Colors France (one-hour photo development). These cash registers were then connected, via modems and PCs, to the central sales registration system on AS/400.

Information Analysis and Database Design Courses
Wang European Headquarters (now Getronics), Brussels, 1988-91

Extending Method/1, the systems development methodology of Andersen Consulting, with techniques for information analysis and PACE database design. (PACE was Wang's relational database.) Developing courses for these techniques, and conducting pilot sessions in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Information Analysis Course
NOVI, Deventer, The Netherlands, 1988-91

Developing and teaching a two-day information analysis course for a Dutch training institute. The same course was also offered by Kluwer, Mechelen (Blegium), op zijn programma gezet.

DB2 and SQL/DS Courses
IBM, Brussels, 1986-88

Teaching DB2 and SQL/DS (QMF, SQL and embedded SQL) courses in IBM's training center in Brussels, in Dutch and in French. Based on the evaluation forms of the students, the quality standards put forward by IBM were largely met, again and again.

Quality Assurance of an Information Analysis
Monsanto, Antwerp, 1986

Monsanto had started the development of a laboratory information system, using Oracle on Hewlett-Packard computers. Weekly quality reviews by the consultant kept the project on track.

Material Flow through Steel Mill, Warehouse and Shipping
Forges de Clabecq (Belgium), 1986

Definition study for an automation project. The material flow was charted. Three basic principles for the project were defined: identifying, marking and tracking.

Barcode Project in Warehouse
Volvo Trucks, Ghent, 1986

Analysis, programming in dBase III (Clipper) and installation on IBM PC of a barcode system for the automatic processing of picking lists for the bin store parts in the warehouse of a truck assembly plant.

Continuous Casting of Steel
Sidmar, Ghent, 1984-85

Chief analyst on the production scheduling system for the continuous casting of steel in Sidmar's new factory. Computer environment: Digital VAX/750 under VMS, with DBMS/11 and Fortran.

Communication between PDP, VAX and IBM Computers
Sidmar, Ghent, 1983-84

The PDP and VAX computers were connected via Decnet, and further to the IMS message queue of the IBM mainframe via a black-box. Specific software had to be developed to make possible the exchange of messages between programs on all computers involved. This software, for a total of 3000 lines of Fortran (and 2000 lines of comments) has run for years without a single error. The same software was in 1985 translated into Pascal, and installed at Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse (Belgium).

Management of a Programming Department
Nederlandse Stikstof Maatschappij (now Norsk Hydro), Sluiskil, The Netherlands, 1980-83

By suitably using Method/1 in a Wang/VS and Cobol environment, by applying Jackson and Warnier's structured programming techniques, and by organizing regular walkthrough sessions, a productivity of 200 lines of code per programmer-day was achieved, more than twice the industry average. Also in terms of program quality (number of errors during and after system test), the industry standards were more than crushed.

The Man behind the Business
Vanda Engineering forMicrosoft Access